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The SINFONIETTA of San Francisco de Paula, formed in 2011, is a young orchestra as much in the age of its members as in that of the orchestra itself. The orchestra is made up of musicians from the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula Music Program as well as several different conservatories and music schools in Seville. The career of the orchestra, although short, has been quite intense.

For a few years, and with its Director at the helm, the Sinfonietta has been invited to play at several important events in our neighbouring country, France. In 2012, we had the opportunity to give several concerts in Paris, convened by the cultural organisation “Chevalier de Saint-Georges.” In 2013, we were invited to participate in the international “Eurochestries” festival and were furthermore given the opportunity to give one concert alongside other international orchestras and six more in the Deux-Sèvres concert series, based in Niort. In 2015, the Sinfonietta was again invited to the “Eurochestries” festival as a guest performer, this time in their main, and most demanding concert series in Pons, where we shared the stage and combined forces with the Youth Symphony of Rome and Brzeg, the “Musica luvenalis” Orchestra, the “Altissimo” Orchestra, the “Victor Popov” Choir from Moscow, and several exceptional chamber groups and soloists such as the violinist Nikolai Managadze.


Among the many concerts offered at the Teatro de la MAESTRANZA and the Seville’s ALCÁZAR in 2012, those performed at the Seville’s OLYMPIC STADIUM and the Burgos CATHEDRAL in 2013. Recently, in 2014 with the Master Pedro Luengo’s arrangement to the organ, those celebrated in the Seville’s basilica of the GRAN PODER and the extraordinary concert in the parish of SAN JOSÉ OBRERO of this capital. In the present year, it is again located at the Seville’s Teatro de la MAESTRANZA, with the performance of “Creatures of Prometheus”, an opening piece at SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY SUMMIT SPAIN 2015, also participating with two concerts in the XIII Cycle of Palaces And Convents of Seville.

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