The San Francisco de Paula Sinfonietta, as in years past, left the Andalusian capital for France on the 1st of August, 2015, with the intention of giving a series of concerts at the Charente-Maritime department (FRANCE), as a part of the 2015 International EUROCHESTRIES Festival, operating out of Pons.


In the month of July, the 30 members of the orchestra along with their director put their heart and soul into a series of intensive rehearsals in order to bring their performance up to the high standard required by the event. They worked without rest nor complaint, knowing that the challenge that lay before them—a concert at the main stage of the international festival—would be both the most difficult, and the most rewarding.

The individual concerts offered by the Sinfonietta in different locations within the department in Mirabeau, Médis, Saint Sauveur d’Aunis, Saint Palais de Negrignac and Saint Genis de Saintonge, were extraordinarily well received by the audience and by the organisation itself and gained the orchestra great prestige.

During their time at the festival, each of the participants, some 350 musicians, had to prepare for the closing ceremony, which brought together two international orchestras made up of musicians of every nationality. These concerts took place on the 12th of August in Pons and on the 13th in Jonzac, each concert attended by approximately 800 people.

It could only be described as a hugely enriching experience for all who participated, in particular for the musicians, who grew socially and technically thanks to the amalgam of different techniques, levels, cultures, and languages.

The great challenges which seemed previously insurmountable were not only met, but also surpassed.


Opening night concert in JONZAC (France)