On the 18th of July, a total of fourteen orchestra musicians were picked up in different parts of Seville. The hours were ungodly and they, the musicians, were very young.

They returned early in the morning on the 29th of July, completely exhausted and some were even sore, but their expectations had been entirely surpassed by a job well done, and by having handily completed a mission that had previously seemed out of their reach.

Those of us who had the good fortune to take part in that adventure have only to thank the director and the musicians for the many magical moments that they gave us, and wish them all the luck they need to continue their journey.


All of the musicians, along with their director, Archil Pochkhua who make up the Sinfonietta de San Francisco de Paula had the shared goal of playing in different parts of their neighbouring country, France.

Aside from this being their first time, the trip covered many kilometres in only a few days, under unknown conditions, and no one was sure if the group was up to the challenge of displaying the kind of harmony that was expected of them.

They had been preparing intensively for several weeks, with rehearsals that lasted over six hours a day. During the trip, they continued practising every day at their director’s request and when they, the musicians, felt compelled to do so. They were always looking for a way to perfect their sound for their next concert.

There were a few moments of misgivings and sadness, but nothing they couldn’t handle, as the majority of their trip was met with serenity, pride and happiness.


Concert performed by the Sinfonietta de San Francisco de Paula in Paris as a part of the 2012 “SAINT GEORGES” festival.