Just as they had done the previous year, the San Francisco de Paula Sinfonietta set out on the 6th of July, 2013 for their French tour to offer a series of concerts in the neighbouring country. This time, they took part in the international “Eurochestries 2013” festival in the Deux-Sevres department in Niort.

In the weeks leading up to the trip, they prepared themselves during interminable rehearsals, hour after hour, perfecting and weaving their individual sounds together to reach a collective cadence. They prepared themselves without protest, aware of the challenge that waited, and knowing that the music doesn’t lie—only a flawless performance would earn that applause, or even ovations, which confirm a job well done.

There is little left to say, except that those who witnessed the tour could never have imagined how the group would go above and beyond everything they had done until that point with such poise and confidence, giving us magical and unforgettable concerts each and every day to add to the sum of our experience.


Before crossing the Pyrenees the director, Archil Pochkhua, and the 21 musicians that formed the orchestra, were given the opportunity to perform in the extraordinary Burgos cathedral. In turn, this gave the great number of locals and visitors who attended the chance to hear the young orchestra in a truly privileged setting. The orchestra surprised for many reasons, but none so much as the enormous quality of sound that they coaxed from their instruments.




Compilation of the works performed by the Sinfonietta of San Francisco de Paula for “Eurochestries 2013.”

Closing ceremony “Eurochestries 2013.”